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Becky Szarzynski

Becky Szarzynski

Becky Szarzynski

Ember Cattle Company

Location: Fairfield, VA

Region: East / Northeast


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About Becky

Becky of Ember Cattle Company, a Virginian native, grew up on her family’s farm raising angus beef cattle. After leaving university early to pursue a life in agriculture, she started exploring new farming techniques that would allow her to revive the land and grow the family farm. She has been employed on various farming operations including grass fed and conventional dairies. She currently manages a cow/calf operation using rotational grazing methods. She also works together with her father on Mountain Glen Farm where they raise South Poll grass cattle using rotational grazing practices utilizing native warm season grasses, summer annuals, and cool season perennials.

Becky also serves on the South Poll Association Board, Virginia Forage and Grassland Council Producer Board as Vice President and helps coordinate the VFGC Farmer-to-Farmer Mentor Program. She continues to work diligently on expanding the public's knowledge of agricultural life through online videos and vlogs.

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Virginia South Poll Sale and Gathering - May 17-18, 2024

Posted: Apr 02, 2024

Owner: Becky Szarzynski

Location: Fairfield, VA

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