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Cliff & Kay White

Holiday ranch

Cliff & Kay White

Holiday Ranch

Location: Vernon, FL

Region: South


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About Cliff & Kay

We are Kay and Cliff White, owners of Holiday Ranch. We are located in the panhandle of Florida just a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico. We are a South Poll seed stock producer, providing cows and bulls to other cattlemen. We frequently have steers available for grass-fed finishers.

in 2004, after learning about and seeing first hand South Poll cattle, we concluded they were the right cattle for us. We purchased our foundation herd from Bent Tree Farms. South Polls have exceeded our expectations in every repect and confirmed we made the best possible choice for our cattle operation.

South Polls were bred in Alabama to perform well in the South's heat and humidity. They are slick-haired moderate-framed cattle with an emphasis placed on high fertility, longevity and calm dispositions.

South Polls are a composite breed of beef cattle combining four maternal breeds; Red Angus, Hereford, Senepol and Barzona.

We feel strongly that South Poll cattle with their grass genetics are the future of cattle ranching in the South.

Holiday Ranch
"South Polls are highly adaptable to all climates and grasses and will excel on grass alone."
It is our mission to breed the very best South Polls possible using superior genetics, artificial insemination, DNA genomic testing, and strict culling.

We believe in line breeding to increase the
genetic concentration and predictability. For this reason, many South Polls are line-bred. In the early days of the breed development longevity was "built in" to South Polls by using bulls out of the oldest cows. To this end, we have purposely kept and purchased older South Poll cows. They are the workhorses of our breeding program, raising a good calf every year, keeping in good flesh, and maintaining a good udder.

In 2017, in an effort to "slow down and enjoy our retirement" we sent most of our South Poll herd to a top-notch ranch in South Carolina. Since Cliff's passion is South Poll cattle, we are again in the process of rebuilding our Florida herd. To that end, we have re-purchased South Polls previously sold to local buyers that have gone out of business and continue to breed the "old cows" we kept on our ranch.