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For Sale

2 South Poll Bulls for Sale

Jay Miller
Chattanooga, TN
    Posted 2-6-16

For Sale

Seven 3/4 South Poll Heifers.

Jay Miller
Chattanooga, TN
    Posted 3-11-16

For Sale

Two 1/2 South Poll cows with 3/4 calf at side,
3 months bred to fullblood South Poll.
Two 3/4 South Poll cows with 7/8 calf at side, 3 months bred to fullblood South Poll.
Two 3/4 South Poll heifers.  3 months bred to fullblood South Poll.
Two Red Angus cows. 3 months bred to full blood South Poll.
One Red Angus cow with 2 week old 1/2 South Poll by side.

Justin Sanders
Westpoint, TN
                                    901-491-0183                                                             jrlikethetvshow@gmail.com        Posted 4-20-16

For Sale

5 AWA certified grassfed Balancer heifers bred to #00714.

These heifers born & raised on our farm.  We bred them to our new herd bull #00714 with 1712/Bonafide/Chief/B0358 genetics we bought directly from Bruce Shanks.  These cows have been preg checked & current on all vaccinations, poured, & wormed by Wooderson Vets 
on 4-15-16.  All cows late 1st and 2nd period.  
#00714 on ground for viewing.  
Price $2400 each

Brad Hare
High Springs Farm
Buffalo, MO
 Posted 4-20-16

For Sale
7 Amerifax cows & 3 Angus cows all bred to 100% South Poll Bulls, #3422 & #00174, both out of Bruce Shanks - Sassafras Valley Farm.

Amerifax cows are all 4 years old.  Bought as bred heifers with DPR genetics from Kleffner Farms in Bricktown, MO.  Six of these cows were AI'd to #3422 (2nd period) and one was bred to our her bull #00714 (1st period).

Three Angus cows are 6-8 years old. They were bred to our herd bull #00714 (1st period).

AWA Grassfed Certified Farm.  All in great shape and of moderate size.  Cows are current on all vaccinations, preg checked, poured & wormed by Woderson Vets on 4-15-16.
Pictures available upon request.  Picture shown is of #00714 & and a 6 month old South Poll cross bull calf out of 3422 and one of the Angus cows.
Amerifax price $2600 each    Angus price:  $2200 each

                                       Brad Hare
                                      High Springs Farm
                 Click on photos to enlarge                        Buffalo, MO
                                                        417-345-1261   Posted 4-20-16         

For Sale

Seven moderate frame black cows

Four of the cows are 5 years old, three are 6-8 years old. Five of the cows are 3rd period, two cows are 2nd period.  Cows are pregnant to fullblood South Poll bulls.  Calves will be 1/2 South Poll and are AGA grassfed certified.

Marcus Mueller
Couch, MO
                                   417-270-0662                                                               Posted 4-210-16

Want to Purchase

Looking for up to 25 weanlings to one year old South Poll steers.

Tim Gillis
Hope Hill Farms
Franklin, TN
                           727-560-1800                                                                           Posted 5-6-16

For Sale

 Herd Bull
 Fescue only
slick year round

                                                         Click on photos to enlarge 
Mike Harris
Beef of Chatham, NC
                             919-704-6931                                                                                  Posted 5--17-16

For Sale
3 - 2014 Heifers
#43 3/4 South Poll, open 
#45 1/2 South Poll, red bull calf at side
​#422 1/2 South Poll, calf at side

2 - 2013 black open cows

1 - 2012 open 1/2 South Poll cow

3 - 2011 cows
#114 1/2 South Poll with red heifer calf
#131 1/2 South Poll with red bull calf
#132 1/2 South Poll open cow 

1 - 2010 Red Open Cow

7 yearling grassfed steers & heifers 350-400 lbs.

$1,750 for cows w/calves        $1200 for open cows
$2.25 lb. for yearlings
Roman Miller
Dixon, MO  
Leave message with neighbor 573-759-7475
Posted 5-11-16
For Sale
SS 8401 413
2 year old virgin 8401"Broadway" son born 3-2-2014

I will be at the South Poll field day in Hartville, MO on June 24th and 25th. I can deliver to transfer to your trailer on the 24th in the Hartville area.

Click on photos to enlarge
Contact Steve Stephenson
Cell: 409-939-9273
Stephenson Farms
Santa Fe, TX
                       Posted 4-17-16

For Sale

Pharo influenced Red Angus heifers bred to 
South Poll bulls. 
Will calve September 1 through November 1
Asking $2200
Grass based genetics

                                                         Click on photos to enlarge 
Parker Vandivort
Summersville, MO
                             417-260-2777                                                                             Posted 5--22-16