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For Sale
 Need to move before heifers
 start calving!
30 confirmed Bred Heifers. Due to start calving first week of March.  Bred to South Poll sons out of Broadway & Dandy.
 Will sell for all 30 for $2000 each OR
Groups of 10 for $2100 each.

Click on photo to enlarge
Josh Creech
Centre, AL 
                          256-302-4314          Posted 1-29-16

For Sale

Eight half South Poll/half Angus heifers out of a good South Poll bull we bought from Voss Land & Cattle Co.  Will weigh between 500 & 600.  One is red and seven are black.  Lots of longevity in herd. Can handle fescue.  Asking $2 a pound, plus $200 per head.  
Norb Mengwasser
 Linn, MO 
    Posted 1-18-16

For Sale

2 South Poll Bulls for Sale

Jay Miller
Chattanooga, TN
    Posted 2-6-16

For Sale

Seven 3/4 South Poll Heifers.

Jay Miller
Chattanooga, TN
    Posted 3-11-16

For Sale

Two 1/2 South Poll cows with 3/4 calf at side,
3 months bred to fullblood South Poll.
Two 3/4 South Poll cows with 7/8 calf at side, 3 months bred to fullblood South Poll.
Two 3/4 South Poll heifers.  3 months bred to fullblood South Poll.
Two Red Angus cows. 3 months bred to full blood South Poll.
One Red Angus cow with 2 week old 1/2 South Poll by side.

Justin Sanders
Westpoint, TN
                                    901-491-0183                                                             jrlikethetvshow@gmail.com        Posted 4-20-16

For Sale

5 AWA certified grassfed Balancer heifers bred to #00714.

These heifers born & raised on our farm.  We bred them to our new herd bull #00714 with 1712/Bonafide/Chief/B0358 genetics we bought directly from Bruce Shanks.  These cows have been preg checked & current on all vaccinations, poured, & wormed by Wooderson Vets 
on 4-15-16.  All cows late 1st and 2nd period.  
#00714 on ground for viewing.  
Price $2400 each

Brad Hare
High Springs Farm
Buffalo, MO
 Posted 4-20-16

For Sale
7 Amerifax cows & 3 Angus cows all bred to 100% South Poll Bulls, #3422 & #00174, both out of Bruce Shanks - Sassafras Valley Farm.

Amerifax cows are all 4 years old.  Bought as bred heifers with DPR genetics from Kleffner Farms in Bricktown, MO.  Six of these cows were AI'd to #3422 (2nd period) and one was bred to our her bull #00714 (1st period).

Three Angus cows are 6-8 years old. They were bred to our herd bull #00714 (1st period).

AWA Grassfed Certified Farm.  All in great shape and of moderate size.  Cows are current on all vaccinations, preg checked, poured & wormed by Woderson Vets on 4-15-16.
Pictures available upon request.  Picture shown is of #00714 & and a 6 month old South Poll cross bull calf out of 3422 and one of the Angus cows.
Amerifax price $2600 each    Angus price:  $2200 each

                                       Brad Hare
                                      High Springs Farm
                 Click on photos to enlarge                        Buffalo, MO
                                                        417-345-1261   Posted 4-20-16         

For Sale

Four South Polll Bulls
18 months old
Half brothers
Fescue based from North Carolina.
Located at Bent Tree Farms in Fort Payne, AL

Click on photos to enlarge 

Dave Roberts
                              256-996-1788                                                                                                             Posted 4-20-16

For Sale

Seven moderate frame black cows

Four of the cows are 5 years old, three are 6-8 years old. Five of the cows are 3rd period, two cows are 2nd period.  Cows are pregnant to fullblood South Poll bulls.  Calves will be 1/2 South Poll and are AGA grassfed certified.

Marcus Mueller
Couch, MO
                                   417-270-0662                                                               Posted 4-210-16

For Sale
One registered full blood 6 year old South Poll bull (our herd sire for last 3 years)

Two registered full blood 2 year old South Poll bulls (USDA certified organic)

Ten 2 year old South Poll steers (USDA certified organic)

Five 1 year old South Poll steers (USDA certified organic)

Ten St. Croix ram lambs (USDA certified organic)

For pictures and pedigree go to:

Marshall Lancaster
Tishomingo, OK
817.268.8000 ext 25 office
817.819.7263 cell